Estate Planning

and Real Estate Planning


Creating and maintaining an estate plan is an important part of financial planning. Ensuring that your wishes are carried out and planning for situations when you may be unable to make decisions on your own is a priority.

We review your estate planning documents to be sure the beneficiaries and personal representatives are up to date and meet your desires. We make sure you have complete documents so they are ready if needed. We discuss tax issues and how different assets will be transferred to be sure everything is as you desire.

We are not lawyers and do not prepare documents but we have worked with several lawyers, we know their fees, and can facilitate getting your estate plan documents generated or updated.

We work with you to make sure assets are passed as efficiently as possible to meet your desires. We can meet with your beneficiaries to coordinate an easy transition of ownership of assets as well.

We will consider all of your real estate investments as part of your total financial plan.

We look at income, debt, tax consequences, and your entire financial picture to help you decide when it makes to buy or sell a property.

We review your current and future financing to ensure your rates and terms are competitive.

Estate & Real Estate Planning


Review existing estate plan


If needed, help getting estate plan documents


Review real estate investments and financing

Impact Financial Planners is bound by a fiduciary duty. We do not receive commissions or sell products so we can be unbiased and put your needs first.

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