In this episode, we introduce the Impact Financial Planners’ Financial Advisors Bill Holliday, CFP and Jason Pfau, Wealth Manager.


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 Alright thanks for joining us
This is impact financial planners
And we thought we’d just introduce ourselves talk a little bit about our personal life our background
Just doesn’t a way to introduce the firm to you
So, why do you start chasing sure give us a little idea your
Interests hobbies, what do you live? Yeah, definitely. So
One of my main wants to playing guitar, so I actually went to college for music and got a degree in guitar performance
I love playing guitar
blues music is probably my favorite, but I like a little of everything so
That’s definitely one of my favorite things. I love doing stuff outdoors
So, you know doesn’t honestly even matter that much to me what it is whether it’s you know
Just going for a hike or running outside or climbing or whatever it is
being outside
What are the things coffee is of course one of my things that I just I can’t live without I roast coffee myself
so I’ve I’ve taken it to the the degree of obsession really so I
Love coffee I love you know trying new
coffee some different Roasters
And I make espresso at home
I brew everything manually
You know weigh it out on a scale and you also had stuff a lot of people thinking it silly to do
But yeah, I love that
Yeah, and then of course, you know family
Photography Oh photography – yeah, I almost forgot about that
so love, you know taking pictures especially nature, you know, I love to travel and you know take
Whatever I’ve been
Sure, um
Activities, I think I had pre kid activities. I was obsessed with mountaineering and climbing
but then once I had a family I
You know
I still travel but not as much I have a 12 year old and an 8 year old and they kind of limit your activities
So I I try to do activities that can include them
I do a lot of physical activities just to get out and move because I’m in an office all day
But I like biking swimming. I used to like running a lot, but I I gave it up
It’s just that it is too abusive. I can’t deal with it. I like yoga
Even just going to the gym, but with the kids
Swimming I
guess rock climbing they both like to climb and
One of them’s really into dance and I watch
Don’t give her any tips or participate
Oh mostly hanging out with family outside of work
how about
Point you give us a little background family in your history. Yeah, so, you know, basically I’m Oregon originally
so grew up there and
You know
Kind of come my home there. Most of my extended family stone or again. Love playing guitar growing up
so, you know ended up going to the Berklee College of Music in Boston got a degree in guitar performance and
It’s a great experience but you know because of different life events and things like that
It makes a little bit tough to make a living as a musician
as I’m sure most people can understand so
eventually found my way towards
and the financial side of the the profession so I I
started with Wells Fargo back in 2012 and
Kind of began my career there got some more experience got some licensing went to work for Scott traders and investment consultant
Did that for about two and a half years and then started my own business with coffee of all things
And kind of decided it just wasn’t something I wanted to do long term
so I went back to Wells Fargo for a little while while I was looking for a financial planning position and
impact and so I just kind of a perfect fit for my
experience my my goals and all that so
Yeah, so that’s where I am. And so I’ve been divorced and I was remarried about two years ago. I
Had full custody the whole time of my daughter. She’s almost ten now and kind of the the center of my life. So
Yeah, definitely a family’s the most important thing to me. So
It’s great having a career where I can help other people with their family planning for that. So
Yeah, I I grew up in upstate, New York
Rochester and then went to college in at Lehigh in in Pennsylvania and Purdue in Indiana
And then I worked as an engineer in
Wisconsin, Oregon and Colorado
At a big engineering firm and a small research
Engineering firm and then I had my own consulting business for a while and it really got burned out of the engineering
And so I took a break
I got a divorce and then went to the Peace Corps and spent two years in Nicaragua and a small development small business development
in a real remote area in Nicaragua and
Came back to the US and help startup. Actually then went to Mexico and helped start up a
microfinance operation
Organization there I and met my wife
and she’s from Mexico and
Yeah, we have a couple kids and we do a lot of traveling now even with the business visiting clients
You know
Traveling to different office places as well
Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s one of those things about me. I always loved traveling
I think I’m not sure really
Where is that that started but I think some people just kind of have it as part of their personality. I left seeing new places
These people that’s definitely
Any opportunity to travel oh
Yeah as the kids get bigger it becomes easier little it’s a nightmare traveling yeah, yeah, it’s definitely more fun
Well anything I’ll go ahead
Yeah, I mean, you know
I’ll talk about some of the things that I really like about the LA area so that our clients live there so
You know, whether it’s great, of course, you know, everybody knows that
So that’s one of those things it’s one of those places that has a unique feel to it
You know
It’s you know
partially because of Hollywood I suppose you feel like there’s there’s just like something special about it and then you know
California in general but especially Southern California just kind of the the natural beauty of the coastline
Then you know the people there. It’s it’s a true melting pot of so many different cultures and backgrounds
It’s really interesting to me all sorts of different before you can walk down the street
people from 20 different countries in
The US I think well lots of big cities it has a
lot of the advantages of big cities, but it is nice the beaches and the
variety of outdoor escapes that are pretty close by
All right, so well
hopefully that gives you a little more insight into who we are and kind of what our background is how we found our way into
Financial planning and helping individuals make financial plans
And so yeah, hopefully, you know, if you have any questions, please let us know. Well, we’ll answer right back to you and
Always happy to talk with you. Yeah, and we’re gonna try to post regularly on the video channel
So keep up four for updates. All right. Take care of Thanks


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