The following are a few stories about impact investing found on-line:

Uravu’s technology to convert atmospheric moisture into drinkable water will be available for personal use in about 2020. This is not a new technology but it has not been available for residential use. Like to Indian startup producing water from air using solar energy article.

As the cost of renewable energy drops, the argument for fossil fuel energy becomes much less valid. How are the fossil fuel companies dealing with the future decreased demand from the energy market? One strategy is pushing plastics. Link to Fossil Fuel Frackers are Overselling Plastics article.

A green bond is an investment to finance projects that have positive environmental or climate benefits. The funds support projects such as: wind and solar energy plants, energy efficiency projects, sustainable water and wastewater management, and green buildings. Link to facts and arguments about green bonds article.

Facebook’s reputation took a big hit from Cambridge Analytica‚Äôs use of personal data from 50 million users. Some environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds are evaluating their interest in the company. Link to Facebook Turns Toxic for Some ESG Funds article.

We have systematic evidence that firms with better ESG performance have better future financial performance. We have clear evidence that ESG factors can identify companies that will outperform, and that there is investor demand. For those asset managers who do it right, that combination spells opportunity. Link to Does Sustainable Investing Lead to Lower Returns article.

Carbon Engineering has developed a new technology to extract the carbon dioxide from the air and then convert it to fuel. The Net Power plant in La Porte, Texas has just produced data that suggests that it may be possible to capture carbon as part of the combustion cycle in natural gas production and do so at a fraction of the cost, as well. Link to Will Carbon Capture Technology Be the New Answer for Energy Production article.

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