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“I have been working with AIO financial for about 21 years and couldn’t be more comfortable. I feel secure with my future planning which has been personalized over the years. As life events happen, AIO has been with me the whole way. I feel supported and heard, in more than one situation, AIO has anticipated my concern and contacted me. And they know financial planning. I have recommended AIO to several friends over the years, no one has been disappointed. AIO is the best of small business; smart, sensitive, kind and stays current. I highly recommend.”
Fran Donnellan, client since 1998

“We have worked with Sylvia and Bill at AIO Financial for many years. We feel they have assisted us greatly in planning and funding a reliable plan for both our years of raising our children to adulthood, providing for college funds, and also now guiding us into our retirement years. We consistently recommend their services to others when asked about finding a dedicated, knowledgeable, caring team of professionals to assist in financial planning in these challenging times.”
Jessica Byron and Jim Dumbauld, client since 1995

“I am a single professional woman who has worked with AIO Financial for about 7 years. While they have guided me throughout, I have always felt ultimately in charge of my finances. In those seven years, I have purchased and paid off my home, built a solid retirement account, and taken the dream vacation of my life. I am extraordinarily satisfied with their service.”
Toni Bray, client since 2005

“Bill and Sylvia (AIO Financial) helped us get organized– our papers, our wills, our taxes, health, life and disability insurance– you name it! Working with AIO took the anxiety out of investing. They’ve been with us through buying/selling our house and any other life changes/challenges that have come along. We have peace of mind knowing they are only a phone call away.”
Julie Karra, client since 2007

“Before my husband passed away, I had my investments scattered about hoping that I’d created a diversified portfolio. Caregiving was so time consuming that I hadn’t a moment to think about how these investments were progressing, or failing. After he was gone, I was exhausted, confused and in the depression of mourning. My future appeared to be nothing more than a gray fog. On top of all that, the newspapers were full of stories about ordinary folks being taken advantage of by corrupt institutions. I was worried and a bit scared, insecure about how I could financial manage everything. Luckily, my older brother recommended AIO.

I really appreciated the one fee structure. I noticed that I had already given up more than I should have in transaction fees to my former “portfolio” keepers.

It was a tremendous relief to have my investments reviewed by AIO and to see all of my assets listed in one place. From there we went on to create a portfolio appropriate to my age and needs. I was equally relieved to see that my money was being handled in a responsible and trustworthy manner.

My advisers at AIO Financial listen. They try to serve me and guide me as I and the market change. We have a relationship that I treasure.”

Karen Ingenthron, client since 2005

“Thanks to AIO Financial, I have become increasingly knowledgeable about what I do and don’t have regarding the financial underpinnings for my life, and what options I have. I really need their comprehensive strategy regarding planning for investments, insurance, assets, estate plans and taxes. I really like the fee-only structure of the professional relationship and I appreciate the supportive and conscientious way we interact. I feel safe and secure with AIO.”
Laurie Jurs, client since 2003

“Sylvia and Bill give us good, attentive advice and manage the details so we don’t have to. They are a good team: personable and comfortable to work with, and always willing to answer questions that may come up between the quarterly meetings. We feel well cared for.”
Molly & Doug Webster, client since 2007

“I have been a client of AIO Financial for 10 years and to say I am a satisfied customer would be an understatement. Bill & Sylvia have not only taught me what it takes to move toward financial security, they have given me peace of mind around money. I would highly recommend AIO Financial.”
Jim Parker, client since 2002

“I have been working with AIO Financial for several years after hearing Sylvia speak to a women’s group on socially responsible investing. They were very helpful when my father died and I had to take care of his estate. They always are willing to respond whenever I have questions or need guidance. I have used two other financial advisers in the past and have stuck with them because of their positive and caring behavior.”
Kathy Rinn, client since 2000

“My wife and I have been very satisfied with the work Bill Holliday has done advising us in making socially responsible investments. He is consistently well-prepared for our conferences, is very knowledgable about the different investment opportunities that meet our criteria. His patience is unending when he has to repeat explanations because we don’t understand them the first time, and when we ask “silly” questions. His communication skills are very helpful to those of us who do not understand the financial world very well. He is effective in explaining the pros and cons of each possible new investment, recognizing the levels of risk we are willing to take.”
David R. Matteson, Ph.D. & Sandra L. Matteson, M.S., R.N., client since 1988

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